Best of FORMULA OFFROAD LEGEND, Arne Johannessen!

Arne Johannessen in Lightfoot. Formula Offroad NEZ – Championship Skien Norway 2015!
Includes extreme hill climbs and hydroplaning! Sit back and enjoy over 10 minutes of extreme hill climbs!

Thumbnail by Lars Mårtensson

Thanks to Jakob C, Ice Drones, Eric Nilsson and Jimmy Berggren!
Produced by Arnstein Bostad and Bjørn Michaelsen, NEXT

Skien in Norway has got the biggest and longest hills in Scandinavia! It offers a lot of crazy action when the best Formula Off Road drivers from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland meet!

This car has got a 850 HP big block and can do some insane climbs with those huge paddle tires!
Extreme Hill Climb Crash Insane Jump


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